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A Grand Children’s Day Activity


    On June 1, UCC held the grand Children’s Day activity and prepared some gifts for the hard working staff to for sending greetings to growing children. Under the leadership of the group's chairman, all staff participated the warm and touching activity.

    A set of clothes sent a warm, a loving heart brought a moving. On the occasion of happy holiday’s arrival, group specially procured for 1500 sets of students' sports clothes. They were given to those children who were full of vigor, youth, and youthful spirit.

    At the site of activity, thousands of employees could get one or more students' sports clothes. Those clothes were given to their children or children in the growth. In the festival filling with happy and moved , everyone was cheerful with a smile.

    Group’s chairman also made comments for this activity, "as the group's chairman, I must uphold and practice to "serve the people" and have love, conscience, and a charitable heart to the next generation. Therefore, sending employees more than 1500 sets of clothes is to fulfill social responsibility with a grateful heart and secondly is the output of the feedback for group staff. Thanks for their contribution to the development of UCC! Group is depended on everyone's working. Only with the support of everyone, UCC can be brighter and better so that have a more broad future!"

     Children are our hope and future. They are positive and need our love and care. It is not only more than 1500 sets of clothes but especially love for children even the next generation. It is not just a ordinary charity activity, but also group’s tender care for the future flowers of the motherland!