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UCC Held a "Women’s Day" Female Workers Making Dumplings Game


    To greet the arrival of the "38" women's day, rich life, female worker, group held a orderly making dumplings game in the canteen on March 6 afternoon for bringing the hectic work warm affection and laughter.

    Making dumplings competition stimulated the enthusiasm of female workers. Before the match, the hall was crowded with contestants who were whispering about strategy for preparation. The leader thanked for female staff's hard working and wished them to get good grades! "

    Di..."A clear and crisp whistles “opened” the prelude of the game. Each players tried every means of solution and payed full attention to the game. A moment later, dumplings in the dish became more and more. The judges excitedly watched the game and timely supplied stuffing instead of being idle. Besides, he reminded them to notice the quality and appearance of dumplings as well. "Di..."It was a whistle ended the game.

    The referees counted in time and checked the quality of dumplings to get results. Finally they selected the first three with awarded bonuses. In addition, participators won prizes.

    After ten minutes, dumplings were cooked. Everyone can't wait to glut themselves with delicacies. Those hot and delicious dumplings just as others’ love were eaten to bring workers the warmth and happiness of group.